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Show me the light!

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    My theory here:

    Gravity is the force causing the universe to expand. For some reason all the planets and debres and everything moving in space(and time)casue an indentation in space and time, sending somewhat of a wave through space, arcing, and hittig the ends of the univers, over millions and millions and billions of light years, pushing it, and forcing it to expand. Space is full of matter, and at the ends of the univers, there "is no matter" so law of equillibreum must come into play where the huge vaccume of space is succing in all the emptyness, thus making it bigger, EXPANDING, and whatever is outside space, decrease... or something, someone please inform me! :confused:
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    Your post started off as a definitive theory, and ended as a question. :wink: Your theory is an interesting take on the idea of gravity as the source of expansion in the universe, but you fail to explain how exactly the waves are created, or how they lead to expansion. If waves are propogations of spacetime itself, how can it "hit" itself and cause itself to expand? Try thinking it out some more, and come back here for help. Perhaps you should even have a look at the general relativity forum to learn some more. Good luck! :smile:
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