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Homework Help: Show size relationship between protons, neutrons and electrons using the AMU in model

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    How would I show the relationship of the protons, neutrons and electrons of a Neon atom in a model using the AMU? I know Protons = 1 AMU and Neutrons = 1AMU and the Electrons =1/1836 AMU? If each proton and neutron (20 total)in the nucleus of my neon model is 1 inch, the total size would be 20 inches. How would I determine the size of the item that I could use for the electrons? Any Ideas???? Thanks
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    The nucleus would have the radius [itex] \sqrt[3]{20} [/itex] inch.As for electrons,though much lighter,u can consider their (classical) radius 1 inch,just like in the case of nucleons.

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    which is bigger? protons or electrons?
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