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Show that reaction-diffusion PDE is linear

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    du/dt = f(u)+D(laplacian*u)

    where u=u(x,y,t), D>0, f(u)=a*u

    I'm not sure where to start other than substitute f(u) with a*u. Suggestions?
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    Rewrite your equation in the form:

    L(u)=0, L=d/dt-a-D*Laplacian.
    Here, L is called a differential operator that works on the function u.

    To show that L is linear, you must show that for any functions U,u , and constants c, b that:

    We have:
    as required.
    Note that if U and u are both solutions to the original differential equation;
    i.e. L(U)=L(u)=0,
    the linearity of L implies that any sum of U and u also is a solution.
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