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Showing a group homomorphism

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    In the context of the homomorphism between SL(2,C) and SO(3,1), I have that



    give the explicit form of the isomorphism, where [itex]\textbf{x}[/itex] is a 2x2 matrix of SL(2,C) and [itex]x^{\mu}[/itex] a 4-vector of SO(3,1).

    Considering the linear map (the spinor map)


    one can show that the 4-vectors on the SO(3,1) side are also linearly related by


    where it is easy to show that


    I understand all this, but I want to prove that [itex]\phi(AB)=\phi(A)\phi(B)[/itex]. How would I go about doing this? I tried a few things but not very successfully.
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    I can't copy paste the proof here, I can only tell you where to find it: Mueller-Kirsten + Wiedemann's <Supersymmetry> (WS, 1987), pages 66 and 67.
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    Thanks a lot dextercioby, the book is really helpful!
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