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Python Showing Django Proficiency

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    I am having a hard time finding what specifically Django allows me to do, and why people are using it.

    I am seeing a lot of places hiring people who know Django. Python is something I already use for mathematical modelling, so I want to try working with Django.

    I have a website, so I want replace the Wordpress site I have there with something made with Django. There are two reasons for this:
    1) Building some proficiency with Django
    2) Making something I can show to a potential employer

    What should I try to make?
    I am also learning machine learning. Can I combine this goals with the others?

    I am looking for broad ideas. Also, examples of how Django has been used in the past. I know, for instance, that Pinterest uses Django, but not for what. Heck, I barely know what Pinterest is.
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    Django is a web framework, for developing web apps fast and easily. It is used (among other things), to build CMS (Content Management System(s)), so makes the task of developing a web site or a web app (as this is nowadays the case for most web sites) easy, scalable, more secure and fast.

    Now, if you want to use it to create your site, take a look at djangoproject, django cms and Mezzanine (open source content management platform using the jango framework). Although it would be helpful to know some things about web development, there is no actual need if you use a CMS. All you have to do, is know how you want to structure your content and how you would like your site to look (there are various templates to look for that). The "heavy" development work is done by the CMS. If you learn how to build the site, then you can combine other things (like machine learning you mention) as well.

    I have not extensive experience with Django as I am a Java Enterprise and PHP developer, but from the medium experience I have on it and the professional opinions I've heard for it so far, it is definitely good.
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