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Shrinking Protons?

  1. Aug 16, 2014 #1

    I came across an old (2010) "U" Tube video. It said that recent studies indicated that Protons may actually be about 4% smaller than previously thought.


    {Anyone know whether this has been corroborated or disproven?}

    Just for phun:

    Suppose that the old measurement was correct, but that Protons are actually getting smaller. What are the larger implications?


    A.} It was a one-time-only event.

    B.} Protons (and presumably other subatomic particles) oscillate in size, but within relatively narrow limits.

    C.} Protons continue to get ever smaller


    D.} What if there are Entanglement Phenomena? {i.e. Protons all over the Universe shrink or grow simultaneously.} What would this imply?

    I just wondered if there would be any interesting, calculable and knowable consequences for any of these cases.

    {Y'all don't mind me spelling it "Phun" do you? I use that to mean the enjoyment of contemplating hypothetical situations.}


    Saxon Violence
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    Sorry, speculation such as this is not permissible per PF rules. Please stick to questions about mainstream science, not what-ifs that require changing the known laws of nature. Thread locked.
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