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Shut up and calculate!

  1. Feb 25, 2006 #1
    Was it Feynman or Dirac that said "Shut up and calculate!"

    I have always belived it was Feynman but this wiki article states its Dirac

    Im confused:yuck: :cry: :grumpy:
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    I read it ascribed to Feynman, but don't recall where I read it. If it comes back to me I'll post it here, though.
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    Here's a very interesting piece:

    http://www.physicstoday.org/vol-57/iss-5/p10.html [Broken]

    This man believes he may have originated the phrase.
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    You shouldn't trust wiki articles ever since they are free to edit and can be made by anyone. They are good articles for basic knowledge but don't rely on it for facts because more often than not there is an error lying in it.
    Now whether it is Mermin or Feynman is a different story...and an interesting one.
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    The plot thickens:cool:
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    If there is any quote I like, it would be this one. It eptomises the need for just 'shutting the f*&k up' in science. Not even Einstein does it for me here, too much outspoken, too much BS in my opinion.

    Outspoken Scientists are the worst, besides hippies.
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    How outspoken.
  9. Feb 25, 2006 #8

    I have Mermin's book on SR. Decent read, but not real great. Wish we used Wheeler instead. Oh well.

    Wikipedia is in general as accurate as Brittannica. That said, neither is authoritative, and neither is a method of proof (*points at the myriads of morons who try to tell me iron undergoes fusion in supernova explosions trying to use wikipedia citations as a method of proof*). Citation in general, is not a method of proof.
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    No. Me outspoken would be to take about politics, society and general anti war protests.
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    I don't see why one would disregard a scientists opinion like a hippies opinion. Yah hippies are generally way off and have no regard for reality but scientists tend to be pretty level-headed people. I personally have a problem of people quoting scientists in a way that depicts them as of a higher philisophical intellect. Then again quoting people to me is a fairly flakey idea in the first place. Then again, i was about to put a quote in my signature....
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    I almost agreed with you, then I realized who wrote it and disregarded it.
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    i love you so much tribdog :grumpy:
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    wanna make out?
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    No no is no
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    I meant in general, not just with me. virgin
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