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Shutz relativity

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    i have learning the boock of Shutz , and i not understand why the Christoffel symbol for the potential
    [tex]\phi [/tex] with [tex]|\phi |<<1[/tex] .

    [tex]\Gamma^0_{00}= \frac{\phi,_0}{1+2\phi} [/tex] is written as

    [tex]\Gamma^0_{00}= \phi,_0 + 0( \phi^2)[/tex]

    I dont see the quadratic term [tex]0( \phi^2)[/tex] . I tried with Taylor, but i dont understand
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    Which edition of Schutz do you have, the first or second? What page is it on?
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    pg 186, equation 7.13

    i know the firtz edition
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    ##\frac{\partial _{t}\phi}{1 + 2\phi}\simeq \partial _{t}\phi(1 - 2\phi) = \partial _{t}\phi - \partial _{t}(\phi^{2})##. ##|\phi| << 1## and ##\phi## varies smoothly so the derivatives of the second order terms should also be negligible.
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