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SHV Connectors for PMT Wires

  1. Jan 10, 2006 #1
    I am currently working on a project in which photomultipliers are used. Specifically, they are Hamamatsu R6233HA models. In order to test these tubes, I have to connect the wires to a high voltage source. The problem is the wires are .110 inch in diameter and are not connected at the ends, so I an trying to locate an SHV connector for the high voltage wire. However, all I can seem to find is larger SHV connectors such as those 0.56 in in diameter. I have searched Newark, Digi-Key, and other websites for smaller SHV connectors, but to no avail. Furthermore, the Hamamatsu website does not provide any helpful information in terms of what SHV connectors to use, and where to find them.

    Has anyone had a similar problem before, especially if you have used the Hamamatsu PMTs in the past, and if so, where I could find smaller SHV connectors? I do not want to resort to using other high voltage connectors (i.e. Limo)if I can help it.


    Herbert Graaves
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    Call Hamamatsu.
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