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Sibling fights!

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    My sister just sprayed me with air freshener so I fough back with some shaving cream. Made quite a mess. Lucky, my parents weren't to mad. I just got to thinking that for an 18 year old I'm pretty immature. Any of you have an brothers or sisters you use to or still do fight with a lot?
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    I have a younger brother. When I was younger, I use to pester him when he was playing on the computer until he'd start chasing me. I'd run around the house until he got tired (he'd never catch me) and go back to his computer. Then I'd repeat the process a half hour later. :biggrin: Ah, misspent youth.
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    My brother and I used to get in some pretty mean fights. Even the things he did that were too funny to get in a fight about were maddening. I just knew that whatever he was doing, he was only doing it to drive me mad.

    Like when the highway patrol stopped us for hitch hiking at the end of the ramp right on the expressway in Kentucky, which is technically illegal. I had just convinced the highway patrolman to let us drag our packs back up to the top of the ramp where we could wait for eternity for a ride (we got dropped off at Mammoth Cave, a tourist trap where two hitch hikers would find it virtually impossible to find a ride). The highway patrolman and I turn around to explain what the plan is to Mark and what do we see?! Mark has been standing out by the highway with his thumb out the whole time I'm trying to get us off the hook! Just to drive me mad, I tell you!!
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    I used to get in some pretty bad fights with my younger sister. I had to learn to curb my temper to keep from getting into to trouble all the time. She was the type that would do things to intentionally goad me into getting angry. It was like a game for her to see how often she could screw with me then blame the ensuing fight on me so she could point and laugh when I got in trouble. I did not like my sister for a very long time and I still don't for the most part because she still has the same sort of personality but I'm able to deal with it far better than I used to. And ofcourse I don't have to worry about getting in trouble any more really lol.
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    My sister was like that as a kid/teenager too. :grumpy: Until, one day, I learned the magical effect of laughing! Whenever she'd try to do something to make me mad, I'd start laughing (it was entirely by accident one day that she said something that struck me as funny rather than annoying when she meant it to be annoying). This would make her mad because she wasn't getting the response she was aiming for, so I'd laugh harder at her getting all in a huff about it. :rofl: It was the best thing in the world to get her to just walk away in a huff.

    We get along fairly well now. We're still pretty different and she's still definitely flaky, but we've long outgrown picking on each other. Though, it really took until she was pregnant with my nephew before she really mellowed.
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    My sister didn't just say things. She took my things and threw things at me and what not. When I watched TV she would walk in and change the channel to what ever she wanted to watch. She followed me around so she could do things to annoy me like watching TV or listening to music while I was trying to read. One time I was walking down the hallway to go to my room and she stepped into the hallway and blocked me walking through. She just stood there like I needed to walk all the way back through the hallway so she could walk through even though there was plenty of room for us to walk past each other. I backed up against the wall and gave her an insolent you go ahead gesture. She walked past me and shoved me into the wall. A picture frame on the wall fell behind me, the glass broke, and it cut up my ankle. I had to go to the doctor and get stitches. She insisted that the whole thing was my fault because I was being a jerk and got pissed off at me and my parents because she got in trouble.
    My sister is really not a nice person though she does a good job at getting people to think she is. If she weren't family I wouldn't have anything to do with her.
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    I'm 22 and I still do stupid annoying things.
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    I have a twin sister.

    'nuff said?
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    Having a sister is cute anyway even if you fight with her all the time! :frown:
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    Stephen Baldwin, of the Balwin brothers, said that his brothers once tied him up with duct tape, set him in the bathtub, put the plug in and turned the water on.
    He'd be dead today except his mother found him.
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    my sister uses me as a punching bag...the other gets free babysitting...and the third uses my computer way to much and expects me to get off everytime she comes home...
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    My older brother and I used to kick each other's asses all the time. It was more a battle of wits than a physical battle. We'd try to ambush each other in the most creative way. One time I messed with the light switch of the room he was in and when he moved to see what was going on I shot him in the chest with a blowdart gun.
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    Did I mention how difficult my brother was when we were still stranded at the Mammoth Cave exit late that night? (Of course not. You think I can't read?)

    He didn't want to go sleep down by the trees - "We might miss a chance to catch a ride". Uh, how many cars have you seen leaving Mammoth Cave in the middle of the night? "Someone might see us and mug us in our sleep." Uh, disregarding the fact that we might see four cars total the rest of the night, how are the people in these four cars going to see us camping out down under the trees? "Besides", I told him, "I'm a light sleeper. Even the shadow of someone passing over my face will wake me up."

    What a stupid thing to say! I went to sleep while he stood by the road hoping to get a ride. I woke up to my brother jumping back and forth over my head. Just to drive me mad, I tell you!
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