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SiC producing question

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    I have a simple question.

    What will be the products of the SiC producing reaction:
    SiO2 + C = SiC + ???

    (I twill be CO, CO2, O2 ???)

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    As you have written it the answer seems to be O2. It doesn't happen like that in practice. Usually carbon is present in excess and CO is the major product but CO2 can be produced as well. The ideal reaction would be written as:

    SiO2 + 2C ------> SiC + CO2
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    Thanks chemisttree, but I must know exactly the product gas because I have to calculate empiric weight of the reactants.
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    THE evolution of CO or CO2 depends upon the substance used ...here COWILL BE EVOLVED ... fOR FURTHUR DETAIL U MAY REFER TO "ELLINGHAM DIAGRAM" 4m any higher level book...Levine or J.D.Lee...
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