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Sick and tired of engineering/science?

  1. May 8, 2010 #1
    Any of you people ever get sick and tired of engineering/science? By the end of each semester, I am completly drained by the course! Im doing Electrical Engineering and the way our uni conducts exams, effectively we have exams for a little over two months near the end.

    This sem has been particularly difficult. Im normally an above average student and though I dont study 24/7, it takes up most of my time. This sem around, I have been studying incessently and my final leg of theory papers start on monday. I am reduced to hopinf that I just clear all my subjects :p.

    This whole semester I've had to put everthing on hold! No more gigging, music has effectively been sidelined. Partying has been drastically cut down on. Going out seems like a distant dream and at the end of it all I have is the threadbare hope that I'll clear all my subjects! If these exams go well, Ill have a blow out that continues for a week! Sorry for the rant...
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