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Sig figs - How strict to be as a grader?

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    My practice has been to deduct approximately 5% of the point value for the problem. So if the problem is 5 pts, I usually award 3 for correct set-up, and 1.5 for accurate calculations and half a point for significant digits/units/etc.
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    Half a point out of 5 total points is 10%, double the 5% you said you usually deduct.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Yeah, but to one significant figure... <ducking and running>
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    It's a half point for sig figs /units, or any other info that might be needed. So, it's a quarter of a point for each taken individually. Sorry if that was unclear.
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    Just some perspective. In my first year of graduate school and as a TA, my course instructor required us to take account some students were solving the numerical part of the problem with a slide rule, and most were using a pocket calculator. Intermediate steps using slide rule can lose a lot of precision. Even now, (I suppose, because I have not been teaching for a while), you may have to account for different constants.

    For example, my course instructor told us, if your students want to use g = 10 m/s2, that is OK. We are not interested in the numerical answer, but if they know the method. I dislike computer scoring for similar reasons. The computer can sometimes require the student to be "exact", and be unforgiving.

    I prefer to take a relaxed attitude towards significant figures. I think you should bring to the student's attention that the number of places the calculator supplies is (usually) to many places. I would bring up this issue with the course instructor and your fellow grad TA's considering you want uniformity in course grading amont all the TA instructors, anyway.
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    Andy Resnick

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    I have the same attitude- I only get cranky if the student simply copies out the 12 digits their calculator spits out.
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