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*sigh* boxes

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    Is it just me or do you never have a box that even resembles the kind of box that you need to store something in or around your house.... yet you will always have boxes laying around that are torn up, mis-shaped, or just plain useless....

    I need to stockpile good 4x8x8 boxes or something
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    It's just you.
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    Yup, you're cursed Pengwuino. Send me two hundred dollars and I can remove the curse from you using secret, ancient and time-tested techniques I learnt from a tribe of mutant amazon warriors.
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    I don't have torn up or misshapen boxes, but I never seem to have one in the size I need to ship whatever I need to ship to someone. They'll all always be just a bit too small or 3 sizes too big.

    4X8X8 (inches I presume) isn't too bad. You can probably stock up on plastic boxes close to that size and then they won't get misshapen or torn up, plus you can see what's in them, so you don't have to worry if you forgot to label them.
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    You mean those mutant amazon ninja warriors?

    We use stackable plastic boxes which have lids. And there are plastic shelves with clear plastic drawers.

    Otherwise I have stacks of books organized by discipline. :biggrin:
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    Yes, I did. They must have inducted you into their secrets and knowledge too, if you know they're ninjas. I wouldn't say anything more about them though, you know what would happen if they decided you revealed too much information to the general public. Remember that demonstration they gave during the induction? I still get nightmares about the screams of the totrured victim!
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    it's just you... I've always had the box I need.
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    jimmy p

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    I agree with pengwuino. I never have any boxes in my house, I always have to trek to the local supermarket and ask for some which is irritating. Boxes are like socks. You use em and lose em.
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