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Sigh, i like have this totally trivial assignment due for my cs class, sigh, but

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    So Im taking like this new cs class offered at my school and it like infuses postmodernistic philosophy into the course as we go along. So we are reading **** by Voltaire, watching not just terminator 1 but the far superior terminator 2, the matrix 1 of course the rest you can just fugetaboutit, what else, a sample from each science and how it could relate to cs kinda bull **** but what made it interesting is that technological spin that everything seemed to have afterwords. The consequences of scientific advancement i suppose was the message of it all so for part of a short story assignment , a fiction piece, black humor hue, I am gonna write a piece on a dystopian alternative future taking place after Alan turing is finally discharged from military service to start doing some heavy science the science he has always dreamed of doing. The way I see it now I take the paper Alan wrote on Chemical Morphogenesis and run with that and tie that back into his virtual machine idea and just go out on the limb as to speculate that turing was trying in essence to create a frakenstein or perhaps more appropriatly culture one or something. He obviously figures it out in the story but its not clear what i want him to do with perhaps his clones or who he clones or why or if the story should not take a loopy but cool in the science fiction sense strange turn for the extraordinary. This man was truly an enigma, the things that he accomplished and the time period that he did it in seems to make it all the more remarkable, how was one man possibly capable of producing so much intellectual novelty, this man showed what to the world with his genius, that there were others to come more like him or did he represent this singularity this reincarnation of christ or this neo esque character i mean what this guy touched was intellectual gold all applicable it seemed. I also liked as far as tangents are concerned the one given in his wiki biography a young turing meets up with wittgenstein and they disagree its like out of the classics or something does that **** even happen anymore the student trying to take down the master philosopher? i just dont think kids have the balls to do that these days but maybe its still possible? Anyway, without having to refer to kids balls again and getting more focused in my question for you reader is what do you think of my story so far? Gotta any things i should know about sir alan turing before i go to it. looking forward to reading your responses.
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    Re: Sigh, i like have this totally trivial assignment due for my cs class, sigh, but.

    ok simpler question, why did alan turing pursue chemical morphogenesis post world war 2?
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