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Homework Help: Sigma notation

  1. Aug 18, 2011 #1
    What does this mean? (see attachment)

    "Where b is a block defined by the contiguity condition c that may exist between elements of s, and n is the number of elements in that block"

    I know is not possible to get a solution without the actual function, but how does this reads?

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    That notation is a little ambiguous. Just
    [tex]\sum_{c\in S} f(c)[/tex]
    would mean "caclulate f(c) for all c contained in set S, then add". But the "n" is problematic- the set S, in general, doesn't even have to be a set of numbers.

    My best guest would be "calculate f(c) for all c contained in set S, that are less than or equal to n, then add them."
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    Great, thank you.
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    bitttttor, are you able to say more about the background to this? In what context did you find it?
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