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Sign question

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    what does a big inverted V stand for? it's not "and" because it's used right in front of a literal (atomic formula) not sure if it's a quantifier... This is a paper discussing approach based on deontic logic that I am scanning through, but this sign i cannot figure out how to search online....
    Does anybody know?
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    It means "or." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logical_disjunction
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    I understand a 'V' followed by a variable followed by a symbolic formula as an existential generalization and an 'inverted V' followed by a variable followed by a symbolic formula as a universal generalization. These symbols have to do with quantification.
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    well, no it is not a disjunction, that is why I said I was asking, plus it is INVERTED ... sounds more like it is a relation, although i think in certain other cases it is used like a "sigma"-notation, i.e. from 1 to n "and" certain literals together to form a formula. I guess i should have posted an image of it for clarity.
    thanks though....
    ok, I will post the image
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