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Signal and systems book

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    Hello i need some help with a postgradyuate lesson we have.
    It is called signal and systems and basically starts with some introduction for signals and systems and after that basic principles we learn about Fourier and Laplace transformattions. Unfortunately i dont have any time at all to participate to that lesson. So i need u to suggest me a very good book so i can read theory and solve exercises
    What i need is
    Good explanation of theory
    I want the book to have the necessary maths that i ll need to solve exercises. My mathematic level is so poor :(
    Finally i need the book to have solutions for the exercises cause i want to be able to check if i am correct or not.
    I dont care about sire or cost.
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    We use that too (Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology). It's quite descriptive with a lot of pictures. NIce but this means a lot of reading too. We didn't do too much exercises out of the book, so I don't know if they're any good...
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    I have a few different books on signals and systems and NONE derive fourier series for you, sad as that is. I didn't actually learn where the dang thing came from until I started taking math minor courses. I guess my point is you might not find what you're looking for in an engineering book.
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    Signals ans sytems: theres a number of good books but i highly suggest Dorf which covers everything from kirchoffs laws, laplace transforms, z transforms, two port networks first and second order circuits and even AC circuits, if I'm not mistaken. You can't go wrong with that.

    this is the edition i have

    this is the new edition
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