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Signal Displacement Bandwidth Question

  1. Mar 26, 2012 #1
    Hi all...

    I have a somewhat crappy FM receiver that I have measured the 12dB SINAD on and gotten my curve......I am using this curve to get the Signal Displacement Bandwidth for my receiver....

    Here is the issue....

    My SINAD curve is not a "nice" one and is basically shaped like a "W" where the top of the "W" obviously has not-so-good SINAD.

    So I can take either of the two bottom sections of the "W" and use that frequency to get a Signal Displacement Bandwidth (basically 6dB from the most sensitive point) or I can try to do something to take into account the top section of the "W".

    Does anyone have any ideas on a method I can use to take the somewhat crappy response into account and get a decent Signal Displacement Bandwidth?

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