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Signal meters

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    Is there any kind of signal meter that can take an analog output of rotational velocity, angle etc. and show it in its full form. If there is meters like this could you recommend a few? Thanks
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    Do you mean like a tachometer shows RPM? Or just an angle sensor? Do you have a specific application in mind that will help us help you out?
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    Be more specific please. Not sure what you are attempting to accomplish.
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    basically i want a meter that will show a signal similar to the way an oscilloscope would, with time on the x axis and the output on the other. I don't think it really needs to show the actual angle as the output on an angle sensor would be voltage and that would correspond to an angle, i think. i am building a test machine for a certain application and i need to know if signal meters would be able to sufficiently show the outputs of the tests.
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    I for one, still don't know what you want.

    They do sell multifunction meters with an oscilloscope function, if that helps.
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