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Signal processing

  1. Oct 20, 2013 #1
    I was wondering if anyone can recommend me texts any or all of the following topics:

    - Signals and Systems
    - Digital Signal Processing
    - Digital Audio and Speech processing
    - Digital Image processing
    - Digital Video processing

    Would prefer if replies came from people who have perused through several textbooks on the field.

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    For signals and systems

    "Signals and Systems" by Oppenheim and Willsky is the standard book. It primarily has one downside, and that is it doesn't cover DFTs and FFT algorithms (if you will be getting a DSP book as well then this does not matter at all). It emphasizes systems and signal processing more than circuits and differential equations, so it is probably the best fit for your interests assuming you will get a DSP book as well. The first edition uses a wacky convention for the lower limit of the single sided Laplace transform (0+ instead of 0-), but this is fixed in the second edition. Since you seem most interested in signal processing that is probably irrelevant and the 1st edition would be fine.

    "Linear systems and signals" by Lathi is my favorite, as it includes DFTs and the simplest FFT algorithm, and includes more on differential equations and circuits, and actually includes sections on system realization. But the sections on feedback stability are lacking. Includes a chapter on state space techniques which are not necessary for such a book in my opinion. Probably not the one for you, but I really like it so I wanted to "plug" it :)


    "Digital Signal Processing" by Proakis and Manolakis is my favorite. I own the 3rd edition. Has standard topics, lots of good problems, and chapters on things like optimal filtering and spectrum estimation. I like it better than "Discrete time signal processing" by Oppenheim and Schafer, but both are good and you couldn't go wrong with either.

    Again, used copies can be found cheap.

    Note that signals and systems is one of the most important classes for an EE, in my opinion. Take the time to learn it well, and you will find that you seldom need to reach for a book. make sure you learn understanding/intuition, and not just how to manipulate Fourier/Laplace/Z transforms.

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