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Signal Splitting Help Needed

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    This is no April Fools request. I am serious about developing a simple electronics/physics experiment. Sometimes when I post a question I get a very good response, & other times I get nothing. So in addition to getting a few good responses I would like to further correspond via e-mail or over the phone with individuals who work in the electronics area in central Okla.

    I realize that Okla. is not a high tech haven, but there are some electronics engineers & technicians in the area. So please let me know that you are out there, & I will give out more details of the experiments I am doing. Board monitors, please allow this posting. It is a little unusual, but I desperately do need advice.

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    Don't count on e-mail or phone contact. Privacy is an important issue at the PF. I recommend that you conduct your contacts via PM at first, until enough trust is gained to make further contact if needed. Other than that, I think your post is okay for now.
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    Can you just share what you want to do so that more people can hop in and help you.
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    In the past I have split a signal from a function generator using a simple circuit. I added a potentiometer on 1 branch of the circuit & varied the voltage, expecting the other signal to follow along by observing them on a dual trace scope. Tho other signal was not affected. This is a simple experiment with what I have termed direct entanglement.

    I realize now to make this work would require the addition of a fourth spacial dimension, or interacting with Kaluza Klein (KK) particle counterparts. This gets into string & brane theory & can involve a lengthy, complicated explanation, which I will not get into here. But I will add that I am not just trying to pass information from 1 photon to another over a distance, but achieve direct entanglement of a signal.

    But anyway, in addition to trying to achieve direct entanglement, I am also trying to telaport a signal & power. There are many laws of physics which will have to be broken, & others modified in order to make this happen. If any electronics experts can add their expertise to this experiment it would be appreciated. Perhaps you might have observed something unusual in your work that defies conventional electronics & physics principals.

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    Sorry no one will help, because your project scores too high on the crackpot index. Your experiment does not do any entanglement from what I can see. You are obviously in over your head with theory, trying to use string theory, and high energy physics without high energy. People wont give you their email address for fear of being harassed with crackpot theories. The phrase "There are many laws of physics which will have to be broken" seals the deal, no device can do that for you.
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    Closed. To the OP, please re-read the forum rules here...
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