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Signal transmission question

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    I have a problem where I have digital information on my computer and want to send it to thousands of receivers across a city that would then turn the signal into another digital signal ultimately to be displayed on a digital clock display which is already attached to another timing device. I have a few problems I need to solve,

    1) How would I translate the digital computer information into a transmittable signal ?

    2) What type of frequency would be best for sending this information ?(I'm considering short wave radio but have no idea whether this is the right medium or not) the information I would be sending would only need to be picked up by one of the receivers at a time and the information being sent is minimal, just a few numbers to be displayed.

    3) How small could the receivers be assuming they don't need their own power source? And what kind of receivers would I need?

    4) I need to make the receivers as small, cheap, and efficient as possible...

    Any help anyone can provide or directions towards where best to find this information would be greatly appreciated.

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    The kinds of questions you're asking honestly indicate you are probably going to have a really, really difficult time building a wireless data network by yourself. If this is some kind of entrepreneurship, consider obtaining the services of a professional engineer.

    Furthermore, wireless transmissions are very heavily regulated in the US. You may find it very difficult (or very costly) to obtain permits to use radio transmissions. You might want consider the internet or cell network, if possible, to carry your data.

    - Warren
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    Consider doing what some beeper/pagers do -- they piggyback on broadcast radio transmissions. Can you just subscribe to some pager service?
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