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Signalling help

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    I just need someone to please check if my answers are correct.

    Cells communicate in ways that are analogous to human communication. Decide which of the following forms of human communication are analogous to autocrine, paracine, endocrine , and synaptic signaling.

    A) a telephone conversation- answer: A telephone conversation would be analogous to endocrine signaling. Since endocrine signaling occurs over greater distances and the bloodstream acts as a highway to send the signal, this is exactly like a telephone conversation. The telephone line acts as the bloodstream and highway and we know the telephone transmits messages over long distances

    B) Talking to people at a cocktail party answer: Talking to people at a cocktail party would be analogous to paracine signaling. This is because in paracine signaling you are secreting chemicals that at locally on nearby cells. When people are talking in a cocktail party they are talking locally rather than long distance, such as a telephone conversation

    c) radio announcement: A radio announcement would be endocrine signaling. Again you are transmitting information over long distances just like in the telephone. An example would be a radio station sending a radio announcement to a car 100 of miles away

    D) talking to yourself: This would be autocrine signaling. In autocrine signaling the signaling and target cell are physically the same. This is the same case in talking to yourself.

    Are these correct? Im not too sure because im missing synaptic signalling :smile:
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    I think all your answers are correct except for one, and that is where the synaptic signaling should be. I guess it should not be simply called synaptic signaling but it should be called neural signaling, perhaps you should mention this to your teacher (it may give you extra credit). Signaling through neurons via synapses delivers the "messages" only at the specified end point that the neurons connect to (i.e. the places that the neuron’s axons are running to). So what is this most similar to, A or C?
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    This seems similar to A. If it connects to the ends then we can liken this phenomenon to the telephone cord ends acting as the synapses. Is this correct?
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    yes that is correct :smile:
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