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Signals and systems please help- zero state response

  1. Aug 31, 2006 #1
    hey something is really confusing me...

    we are given this impulse response

    h[k] = 2d[k] +((0.8)^k).u[k] + (2(-0.4)^k).u[k]

    where d is delta...
    anyway the question then asks:

    using the convolution, determine the ZERO STATE RESPONSE for an input signal x[k] = 2u[k+2] - 2u[k-4].

    Now i kown how to solve that using the convoltion sum (as required):

    [tex] y[n] = x[n] * h[n] = \sum_{k=-\infty}^{\infty}h[k] x[n-k][/tex]

    my only problem is that this evaluates the total reponse, y[k]!!!
    where our total reponse is equal to the zero state response and the zero input response...
    but we just want zero state response - my peers and a tutor say that the convoltution sum is just the zero state response!!
    is this true...????
    they also told me that the zero state response is not necessarily the forced response - (but in textbooks and other sources they always refer to these as the same thing)
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