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Signals and Systems questions

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    I have a question about finding the signal energy of a signal? What exactly are you suppose to do when you are given a certain function like
    x(t)=rect(t) sin(2*pi*t)?
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    To calculate energy, you will need the voltage and current relationships over time, or else the voltage over time and the impedance that the voltage is across. What's the context of the question?
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    You would assume that X(t) is a voltage on a resistor and compute the
    time integral of [tex] 1/2 x^2(t) /R[/tex].
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    0.5 is the energy
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    What the Hell are you all talking about ?
    to find the signals energy you need to find
    the limit when t tends to infinity of the the integration of the square of the given function over it's period
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