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Signboard injury

  1. Sep 20, 2004 #1
    Five person, labeled as: a, b, c, d, e, stands in line outside a shop under its huge signboard. It fell, and person a, c, e died, b and d were, however, inact.
    Question: what shop is that?
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    couldnt it be any store?
  5. Sep 20, 2004 #4
    No. Only McDonalds or Wallmart. I did the math.
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    You did the math. Okay...
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    Trust me. It was complicated; Took nearly 8 sheets of paper for the proof (college ruled). Thats a lot. I ran a discrete system analysis on it too, and Mathematica took about an hour to get to the answer.
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    8 sheets of paper huh?, you must write extremly quick. The post was first put up at 11:57 AM, and you awnsered at 12:18 PM. So you must be real quick at writing, so unless you can do the problem in 21 minutes, its pretty imposible. First of all you wouldnt have the full 21 minutes, because the poster posted the thread and you didnt read it right away so you must of looked at it from just browsing around, this means you have lost some time. Second you would have wasted time reading and writing your responce, + thinking. So in conclusion you must of have about 15 minutes to actually solve the problem. Which isnt that much time to write 8 sheets of paper.

    Thank you, thank you very much.
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    Still doesn't prove it's a lie :biggrin: However, the one hour of Mathematica run-time; Healey'll have to call in the time machines to help him out there ! :wink:
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    Well, 8 sheets of math really isnt that hard to do in under 20 minutes. What I meant was an hour of "single processor computing time" for mathematica. I wrote code for it that uses our cluster on the 6 allotted nodes I have, and it took 10 minutes, plus another 10 to write the code. Its like when you count "manhours" for people, this was "computing hours" for computers.

    If you don't buy then then, um, different time zones?
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    #1. An automobile spare parts shop that sells alternators. We have one near my home called ACE Automotive...would that be it ?

    #2. It's a shop owned by the Society that believes that man has not been to the moon, and the Lunar missions are all hoaxes. The society has a list of people that it has blackmarked as execution targets, and they programmed their store computer to identify these people and kill them. The store camera observes all passersby, log their data, and they are matched against several parameters to determine if they are targets. The computer then relays this target information to a servo-hydraulic feedback controlled mechanism which serves as a robotic assassin.

    The computer was first installed on the day that the sign fell on a, e and c. They were however, not targets of the society. There was a bug in the program that lead to the computer noticing that persons numbered 1, 5, and 3 (a, e, and c respectively) were associated with the number 153, which you know, is an Armstrong Number (sum of cubes of digits = number. 1+125+27=153). So, it automatically associated these 3 innocent people with target #1 on the blacklist : Neil Armstrong. The rest is history !

    #3. This is boring. The shape of the sign is like a W or an M (cursive). Don't ask me how I got this. It came from running Mathematica for several hours. So, are there any shops with such a sign ? I'm not sure...let's ask Mathematica again ! :biggrin:
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    10 minutes to write code, 10 minutes to get awnser, gives you 20 minutes, and im sure you didnt read this post the second it was posted so you would need a time machine like gokul said. :tongue2:
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    You might have to purchase the extra "things falling on people" package. Its about $349, ($319 with gov discount) for an individual site license.
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    the time on this forum stays the same even if your on mars.
    Gokul what was the point of that, lol. :rofl:
  15. Sep 20, 2004 #14
    Actually I don't do any real work here at the labs, I just sit on this forum all day hitting F5.
  16. Sep 20, 2004 #15
    hahahhahhahahhaha, thats pretty sweet do you get paid, :smile: . Can i be your assistant or sometin. I want to sit at a lab getting paid for checking physics forums. :blushing:
  17. Sep 20, 2004 #16
    Anyways back to the point, these guys could of have been standing in different order from a b c d e, the post did not say they were standing in order, so...
  18. Sep 20, 2004 #17
    Ha. Actually I AM doing work at the same time. All of my simulations right now are liek this:

    1 Work for an hour setting up runs.
    2 Start runs.
    3 10 minutes of doing nothing/ looking over code/ browsing this forum
    4 Hour analysing results.
    5 Realizing the keyfile had a typo in it/code had bug/ named somethign wrong
    6 go to line 2.
    7 Finished Result! unobtainable
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    The point of what ? My 3 brilliant solutions ??? :biggrin:
  20. Sep 20, 2004 #19
    I have figured it out The store is <insert name of store here> how could i be wrong?
  21. Sep 20, 2004 #20
    lmao, nice fizzz, your amazing how didnt i think of that sooner. Gj, you deserve a cookie. :wink:
  22. Sep 21, 2004 #21
    lol lots of interesting answer here..the one I had in mind is Macdonald, not sure if Walmart does the trick though, since the 'M' in their signboard doesn't possess the artistic feature (cf [1] for a walmart signboard with folks standing below). Clearly, M in this signboard cannot produce as pronounced an effect as the former. However, a close inspection of the figure reveals that the W might do the trick. While a linear stability analysis of the object with a weak gravitational perturbation can give rise to a probability density distribution function of it killing people as desired, it is beyond the scope of this post.

    [1] http://www.iolaregister.com/yellowpages/walmart.jpeg [Broken]
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  23. Sep 28, 2004 #22
    This problem is a load of balls!!!

    It's a pawnbroker's.
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  25. Sep 29, 2004 #24
    I agree with Gokul. It is ACE. A, C, and E fell. If the sign fell, ACE would fall also. It is logical, but only relevant to those near or familiar with ACE automotive.
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