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Significance of wave packet

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    In my wave final there was a quetion that went "Write the most general expression for a wave paquet in terms of a Fourier integral and explain what this integral corresponds to physically."

    What would have you answered to the second part of the question?
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    A continuous superposition (meaning integral wrt the wave vector) of (classical) harmonic waves (meaning complex exp of "i(kr-omega t)").

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    I'd probably have said that it corresponded to a system whose energy and momentum was "uncertain", because it was in a superposition of energy states (and a superposition of momentum states, too).
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    Claude Bile

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    A wave whose 'beats' are infinitely far apart (i.e. the wavepacket is comprised of a single 'beat')?

    This was the interpretation offered by one of my lecturers when I was studying introductory QM at uni.

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