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Homework Help: Significant Figures.

  1. Mar 17, 2007 #1
    When i have a conversion fact such as,

    [tex]6.45 mol H_{2\left(g\right)}\times\frac{2 mol HBr_{\left(g\right)}}{2 mol H_{2\left(g\right)} }= 12.9 mol HBr_{g}[/tex]

    how many significant figure should the answer have?, im thinking one.
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    You've not written one sig fig though, you've written your answer with three. I would suggest to use 3 sig figs since the number of moles of hydrogen are accurate to 3 sig figs, and I presume that 2 is exactly two (i.e. 2.000), so giving 3 sig figs in the answer (like you've done; 12.9) will be as accurate as possible.
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    thanks cristo.
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