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Signs and sounds

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    Is it just me or is going out on the streets (not in a prostitutional sense) a nightmare cacophony of endless signs that obscure what they are supposedly showing you and beeping noises so deranged that you can't tell whether its a mobile phone or someone backing a truck?
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    Not only are signs annoying but so are power and telephone poles in the middle of the city. I know in Europe they bury most of their cables in the city, but it seems like in North America they'd rather line the streets with poles. Even if they tear up a whole street for road repair, they wont bury the stupid cables. URG.
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    Basically, there is too much metallic crap on the street. I'm constantly guided to where I should cross the road (so I cross somewhere else), I can't see where I'm going for signs, and I can't hear what's going on because of polyphonic mobile phone tones. I could be on a high street, in an ambient music bar, or in someone's living room.
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    London is quite visually and aurally overstimulating in many places. Same with Paris and New York. I'm sure it's also true of many other cities.
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    I don’t know, I think all the signs work well with New York, (well, Manhattan at least, I’ve never been to the other boroughs) but that’s probably cause I walked everywhere while I was there so the signs weren’t distracting. Why would anyone want to drive through that thing? LoL :eek: :tongue2:
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    In my opinion the worst part is trying to hear yourself think when walking on a sidewalk next to a highway... noise from the cars gets annoying.
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