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Silicon solar cell degradation due to solar fluxes

  1. Dec 4, 2011 #1
    I am trying to find the Absorbed dose for Silicon cells on a geostationary satellite from a period of (1996 to 2005)

    The Equation I have is:
    D(rad) = 1.68e-8 *((1/ρ)*dE/dx) * Phi

    Where: D is absorbed dose and units are (100 ergs/g or 0.01 J/Kg)

    (1/ρ)*dE/dx = (MeV*cm^2)/g

    Phi=incident fluence= particle * cm^-2

    I have the following set of data as you can see in the attachments. And I want to calculate 'D' for Electron Fluence. In the text file the units of Fluence is given by Electrons/cm2-day-sr.

    How to convert them to particle * cm^-2 ?

    Is this the right approach by the way?

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