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Silicone super ball

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    I have some questions about the "Silicone super ball". Heres a link for it www.flinnsci.com/Documents/demoPDFs/Chemistry/CF0758.50.pdf[/URL]
    I have to make a presentation about it so I need to educate myself on the topic.
    When the solution is mixed a new polymer forms, because it´s just mixing the two substances the new polymer is probably atactic and has lots of crosslinks. Am I right? The polymer formed is sometimes very brittle, soft and has low durability. But what would happen if the conditions were different (pressure, temperature, catalysts), what properties would the material then have? Probably there is a lot of different properties it can have, but can anyone give examples, they dont have to be very accurate, just to get the idea. I would be very happy if anyone could give me the exact equation to this reaction, what are the product(s) besides the polymer. If anyone has more ideas what to talk about it, I would be grateful.
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    You're asking a lot of questions , be more specific.
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    Is the polymer atactic?
    if it is, how can it be achieved, probably cant be explained in a simple way?
    what properties would it have if it were for example isotactic?
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