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Silly question

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    could one attach an op amp to a wifi transmitter to amplify the signal? thanks.
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    I think its a bit more complicated then so. Im not familiair with the wifi standards, bur op-amps can't realle keep up, or keep the signal clean, if the frequenzy gets to high. but there are ic's that can. Try searching for wifi boost circuits or something on google.

    - Andreas
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    Not an opamp, but you can amplify the 2.4GHz signal with an RF amplifier:

    But, you also would need to be careful not to make it too large, since that would violate FCC rules in the US and other governmental regulations in other countries.

    You can also buy directional WiFi antennas, if you want to aim your transmissions in a more directional way (like down a hall of a dormitory or something).
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