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Silly question

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    I've been blowing through pages and pages of looseleaf paper just to do problems on. What's a more efficient / paper-saving method? Anyone had experiences with whiteboards or something of the sort?
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    A good sized dry-erase board would help, if you have the room for it firmly on a wall, or if you have a conveniently sized table. You would still want to put some of your work onto paper for easy review later.
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    I don't know why, but I have a fetish for blackboards! Or 'greenboards' for that matter, whatever you fancy. For some reason, just the sound of the chalk hitting the board as I write an equation and the feel of it gives me a feeling of meaning to my life.. haha. Okay maybe I am over-exaggerating a bot a bit and can't describe it well, but give it a try!!
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