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Homework Help: Silvering of a mirror

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    Still I could not make the exact difference between the back silvered and the front silvered mirror. In many web sites only the method of making a back silvered mirror is given.
    My doubt is-"what makes the deposit back silvered or front silvered?". How will you say that this surface of a transparent glass sheet is a front one and the other is the back one? After depositing the silver on any one surface of a glass and place it upside down will it not become a back silvered one and if you keep it in the upright position will not the same act as a front silvered one? Please don't laugh at my question as it may sound trivial to the professional experts in the field of optics. Will any one enlighten me on this question?

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    Instead of saying the back silvered and the front silvered mirror, you can say the convex surface silvered and the concave surface silvered mirror. In each case nature of the image formation is different.
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    Thank you for your reply. But your reply has not answered my question. I actually talk about plane glass mirrors. It is said that for ordinary domestic purpose a back silvered mirror is sufficient where as for experiments such as Lloyd's single mirror experiment, we have to use a front silvered mirror because in a back silvered mirror double reflection occurs. My doubt is about "how to make a front silvered one?"
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