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Similar feelings or experience is willing to share

  1. May 21, 2005 #1
    We thought some friends of ours were in trouble with business problems and we just came to see if we could be of any "help", but whatTheX, it then turned out that we were being used as a motivation for more and more production of an infamous inventor who is looking for fame and a bright future ?
    Being fixed right from behind or simply, being betrayed is really bad a feeling I am sure professional elderly gentlemen and ladies here might have experienced with, if not to say this fifestyle is oftenly practised mostly daily in the US, and Canada.

    Sooo, I would really like to know if anyone here who might have some similar feelings or experience is willing to share with us so that we can hopefully find out a cure for such a social pain ????

    Any ideas please... ?
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    I used to hear of betrayal that happened once to a bird owner. The guy's name is ChrisG, used to use IM's, emails to talk to the lady so as to buy more birds with very cheap prices. When she realized all was a trick from this (originally Irish) guy, she burst into tears but it is useless since everything was too late, she gave him so much for nothing in return. The guy whenever figures out her appearance around 50 meters somewhere far away, he runs to hide immediately. What a man !
    I know wounds like this should be very hard to heal in a short time. Because I think "grief usually will last as long as the the original relationship lasted", bit by bit, life will resume its normal flow. Human beings's memories presumably fade away with time...Something the lady has today I think should always be highly appreciated, because guys like ChrisG is indifferent from muds, no matter how many properties he has in hand, you can put a trust on me about that...
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    You have to realize that If I was ChrisG, I wouldn't be able to sleep well tonight, and perhaps I also couldn't stand tall, talk straight in front of my colleagues on Monday :frown:
  5. May 22, 2005 #4
    Hello, sorry for my talkativeness, is Chris G the guy working as an editor for nature magazine ? or you are talking about someone else ?
  6. May 24, 2005 #5
    Internal frame of reference.
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