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    This is one of my favorite boards on PF, but it doesn't have a lot of posts, and I do not know enough about history & historical humanities to ask questions or make many posts. Are there any quality forums that I might like?
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    There is nothing outside PF :tongue2:
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    Actually, I might seriously agree with you on that one.
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    Mk, IMO most of the forums on here are quality. The moderators are pretty good at keeping flames to a minimum and most mentors seem a decent bunch of people.

    You don't need to know alot about history to post a question. I didn't feel qualified to post either and said as much. Evo and Astronuc said to come on in and swim anyway and enjoy.

    My suggestion is to go ahead and heed their advice to me.
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    Mk, what era of history and/or geographical area is of interest?

    I'm generally interested in World History going back to the origins of humans and subsequent migrations. I'm particularly interesed in European history going back as far as possible, but focussed primarily since the neolithic period, and then with a strong focus on the 5 centuries BCE and the first millenium CE. In parallel, I'm interested in Asian, particularly Chinese history, and that of central Asia, and it's influence on the turbulence in Eastern Europe.

    Of course, I'm in interested in the older peoples of Africa, S. America, N. America and Pacific areas.
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