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  1. Euhhh, duhhh! Hummm!
    This just showed up ... Can you give us ideas to maximize the use of this feature?
    I would think that it has the potential of being better than FAQ.
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  3. Evo

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    It seems to be listing other threads with the same words, the RIP George Carlin thread is listing threads about George Bush, while some threads have "similar threads" listed that have no words in the title or subject in common.

    Interesting feature though, it's pulling up some very old and obscure threads.
  4. What are you talking about? Where is this feature?
  5. Evo

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    Scroll all the way to the bottom of any thread.
  6. No more
    " I have the weird feeling this question has been asked before. "
  7. I have just looked up the similar threads for my present "quest" - Neutron to Proton, and found answers that do not need to be repeated by the present "experts".
    However, when asking questions that are at "the cutting edge" it becomes obvious that the answers are still being researched by "theorist" and "lab. techs."
    I like the feature ... I saves me the trouble of looking up if it has been discussed before... I got to find a way of maximizing its usefullness ...

    ps. After doing a "Preview post", a new feature appeared, "You have selected a thread that is not part of this thread ..."
  8. Evo

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    I think it will be very useful in the main forums as the keywords are more likely to pull up relevant threads.
  9. Often the 'similar threads' don't have anything to do with the thread or topic---there wouldn't be any way to modify the way that the description/topic/idea/?? or change those at the bottom to be more relavant, is there?
  10. Moonbear

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    It would be more useful if it made use of the tags if they matched, since that would more likely pull up more closely related threads than a word search based on titles. Maybe it does, and we just don't have enough threads with tags in them yet to make this noticeable.
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