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News Simon Wiesenthal is dead

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    One of those individuals I have respected the most, is now dead, aged 96.
    Simon Wiesenthal, who lost most of his family in the Nazi death-camps was a tireless searcher for justice, and brought many war criminals to court.

    At the same time, he never fell into unjust demonization of others; he was thoroughly civilized and never engaged in frenzied witch-hunts.

    I'm saddened by our loss, but grateful for what he has meant to all of us.

    Here's a CNN article:
    http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/09/20/obit.wiesenthal/index.html [Broken]
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    Good riddance.
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    Yeah, those poor nazis never stood a chance.
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    I think his greatest contribution was to instil in would be mass murderers the fear that war criminals will be punished no matter how long it takes. Without him I doubt that would be the case today.
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    We just talk about respectable people when they die!:frown:
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    Pffffwew, a relief. Thought he'd get me one day :devil: :devil:
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    If the criticisms are true then he has apparently impeded the very cause that he has been working toward without apology. He has also very likely given ammunition to the revisionists to persuade even more idiots into believing them. AND the making money off of this is really just the kicker.
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    Which there really isn't a very solid case for
    Which is really what I'm worried about. Frankly I couldn't really care less if a few ex-nazi's got pulled out of their retirement homes in South America, but rewriting history in your own view is inexcusable.
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