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Simple algebra question

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    I can't seem to see how this simplifies, having an algebra brain fart

    [tex]2(2-x)^2-x(2-x)^2- 2/3 (2-x)^3[/tex]

    [tex](2-x)(2-x)^2- 2/3 (2-x)^3[/tex]

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    Let's replace (2-x) with A.
    Then we have 2A^2 - xA^2 - (2/3)A^3
    Then we get (2-x) A^2 - (2/3)A^3
    since A=2-x, this gives
    (A^3) - (2/3)A^3 = (1/3)A^3 ===> now just replace A with 2-x

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    Thank you
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