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Simple area calculation

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    This is pretty easy but i´m failing...

    The area of this "square" should be 490 mm2 .
    What the proper way to do this..., I guess its simple geometry but for the moment im drawing blank...

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    Something is wrong in your image, when I consider the number all the way at the bottom to be the length of a side... using Pythagoras to calculate the diagonal length doesn't give me the indicated value.
    Is it really a square? What precisely measures 22.3?
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    No, its nor really a square. Yes, it was a pretty crappy picture, but I got to the solution on my own. thanks for the help
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    I need help with normal shape area. Anyone?
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    WadeS, welcome to PF :smile:

    It would have been best to ask your question in a brand new thread, since it appears unrelated to what was asked here.

    That being said, what shape is it you need help with finding the area?:confused:
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