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Homework Help: Simple BJT

  1. Feb 20, 2017 #1
    Figure Q4 shows an npn BJT amplifier circuit. For the transistor, β = 100. You may assume that VBE = 0.7 V.

    1) Find IB, IC, VE and VC ANS: IB=0.031000mA, IC=3.1mA and Vc=6.9V

    2)Verify that the BJT is operating in the forward active region Ans: No as Vb-Vc=0V

    3)With RC and RE remaining unchanged, find the values of R1 such that the BJT is no longer operating in forward active region.

    Hi please check my ANS and please help me on Qns 3 I do not know how to start and do. Thank you!

    Formula i had used :
    Ic = Collector gain x Ib

    Ve = IC x Re

    Vb = Ve x Base to Emitter Drop

    Vc = Vs - IC x Rc
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