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Simple CFD tool. Fake CFD

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    Simple CFD tool. "Fake CFD"


    I need to simulate a flowing of substance, but I needn't(and can't) do it in right (completely physical-proved) way. My system will being used as education system, so I can do some fakes in simulation process.

    Examples of flowing of substance\energy, that I need to simulate: flowing of smoke\dust\..., expansion of noise, propagation of explosive wave, heat conduction, etc.

    Again, I do not simulate the real physical process, I can do it approximately(to get students only common understanding of the real process, to illustrate the process).

    So I'm seeking for the convenient middleware or engine to solve my task. I glance over the CFD-Online(www.cfd-online.com) links(both software and libs), but don't find anythink suitable for my task.

    For example for particle modelling I intend to use Particle System API(www.particlesystems.org)[/URL]. May be this lib don't modelling particles' dynamic properly in terms of physics, but it suits me.

    Is there anythink like that in CFD systems area? So called, CFD fake tool:) Could anybody advises me such a tool?

    Thank you.
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