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Simple? Chemistry HW Problem

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    Simple? Chemistry Problem

    Hello everyone, have a quick chemistry problem I'm having trouble figuring out:

    Q. A sample is a mixture of KCl and KBr. When 0.1024 g of the sample is dissolved in water and reacted with excess silver nitrate, 0.1889 g solid is obtained. What is the composition by mass percent of the original mixture?

    I'm braindead. I can't even come up with the original equation...I was thinking at first that I have to split it into two equations,

    [tex]KCl + AgNO_3 \rightarrow AgCl + KNO_3[/tex]

    [tex]KBr + AgNO_3 \rightarrow AgBr + KNO_3[/tex]

    But I'm not sure what to do next. Perhaps do mass composition of Chloride and Bromide ions? Ack. Please help!
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