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Simple circuit help please

  1. Oct 30, 2008 #1
    OK, New to this site. here is my task at hand.

    I am trying to make a votage regulator and Rectifier for my scooter to charge the battery while driving it.

    I have about 70 VAC coming from my stator (not really sure what the amp out is). I have made a bridge rectifier using (4) diodes. I put a 10K ohm resistor across the bridge as well as a 100 Volt 500 mf capacitor on the out side of the rectifier.

    I then am using a 5 watt 13.6 Zener diode to drop it to 13.6 VDC. On the bench (plugging it into 120VAC) this works great and I get 13.6 volts DC out of the circuit. But not even enough juice to light a 12 VDC light bulb. I'm trying to charge my battery with this circuit, but have very little current.

    What am I missing?? Any help or a circuit drawing would be much appreciated.

    Thanks much
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