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Simple Clamp Design Calculations?

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    Hi there,

    I'm currently designing a C Clamp (or U clamp as some may call it), however I'm new to this and was wondering if someone could tell me what calculations I need to do?

    The clamp is to fit on a fence structure and can be re positioned horizontally or vertically depending on the fence type, I.e if there are railings or a solid wall. A telescopic pole is to fit into the clamp in the holes shown in the pictures. There are two insertion holes for the telescopic pole depending on what way you want the clamp.

    Now, I was wondering firstly how to determine the optimum dimensions for this? Also what calculations do I need to do? Stress, strain? I'm finding it hard to figure out how to apply calculations and interpret them. Can anyone at all give me advice?
    Should the screw tightener be threaded? What kind of calculations are involved to find the accuracy/tightness or rigidity of the clamp?

    Here is the link to the design the telescopic pole is separate to the clamp.
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