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Homework Help: Simple Elec Circuit Problem

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    http://uploads.offtopic.com/files/ttt.JPG [Broken]

    well its not that simple for me...

    im not sure how exactly to go about doing this. there is no good example problem or explanation in my physics text book.

    for the first part... should i be trying to reduce the number of resistors by finding the equivalent resitance? If so... are the 3 resistors on the right hand side in series?

    basically... i need a push in the right direction. thanks guys.
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    anybody know?
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    Combine the 4.8 and 2.5 ohm resistors (added together in series) with the 7.8 ohm resistor (in parallel).

    Combine the resulting resistor with the 1.3 ohm resistor in series.

    Combine the resulting resistor with the 9.8 ohm resistor in parallel.

    Combine the resulting resistor with the 3.6 ohm resistor in series.

    - Warren
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    thanks. i just figured that out. i was confused... didnt understand that it was basically asking for the Req.
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