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Simple electrical engine theory

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    I'm working on a project that has the goal to build a battery and an electrical engine.
    The battery, with theory, is all done ( a simple 12V acid/lead based on 3mol H2SO4 ).

    The engine it self has also been built, a fairly simple construction; two matchboxes on a rod with wires around. ( poorly displayed in the attachment ).

    But the problem is that I'm having a hard time finding the theory behind the engine. The info I find around it far too advanced accordingly to my current grade.

    If anyone have tips about what to look for, some urls or similar, Please give me a hand :)

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    What do you know about electricity and magnetism? Also, shouldn't there be magnets in that picture?
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    the rod is "inside" a magnet ( forgot to mention that )

    I know some electricity, but my magnetism knowlegde is poor, but I can lean ;)
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