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Homework Help: Simple empirical formula question

  1. Sep 20, 2005 #1
    The reaction of 1.36 g of manganese with excess cholrine produced 4.00 g of chloride compound of manganese. Determine the empirical formula of the product.

    If I calculate this with cholrine as [tex]Cl_{2}[/tex] I get [tex]Mn_{3}Cl_{4}[/tex].

    But if I calculate it with cholrine as [tex]Cl[/tex] I get [tex]Mn_{3}Cl[/tex].

    Which way is correct?

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    How do you get those two answers? Since you start with 1.36 g of manganese and end with 4 g of compound, there must be 4- 1.36 = 2.64 g of chlorine atoms in the compound. 1.36 g is how many manganese atoms? 2.64 g of chlorine is how many chlorine atoms? What is the ratio?
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    Doh! Dyslexia kicking in again. Thanks HallsofIvy, I found where I messed up now.

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