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Simple F(x) problem -

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    A pipe bending machine applies a force (in newtons) given by F(t) - 19.2t - 3t^2, where t is in seconds. The impulse delivered to a pipe during the interval t =0 to 6.4 sec equals..

    The answer is 131 N-s. But why.. can somebody explain it step by step. URGENT help required.

    Thanks alot.
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    look here:


    you need to calculate the integral

    [tex] \int _0^{6.4} 19.2 t - 3t^2 dt [/tex]

    asuming you ment F(t) = 19.2 t - 3t^2 , not F(t) - 19.2 t - 3t^2.
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